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Mission and Objectives

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) is a public-private partnership designed to foster dialogue and build relationships between the citizens of Catalonia and the rest of the world.

We seek to contribute to discussions about the main global challenges by promoting the active involvement of Catalan society in the mutual exchange of ideas and best practices in key sectors like government, business, culture, and education, in order to promote a fairer, more peaceful, democratic and sustainable world.

The Council engages in public diplomacy with national and international audiences digitally and in person to create exchanges about Catalan issues as well as world affairs, organizing working visits, academic events, facilitating business networking, and by building capacity in international relations. 

 Global connection, international dialogue. (EN)

 Connexió global, diàleg internacional. (CA)

 Conexión global, diálogo internacional. (ES)

 Conexion globau, dialòg internacionau. (OC)

 Connexion globale, dialogue international. (FR)

 Globale Einbindung, internationaler Dialog. (DE)

 Global forbindelse, international dialog. (DA)

 Connessione globale, dialogo internazionale. (IT)

 Wereldconnectie, internationaal dialoog. (NL)

 Globalne połączenie, międzynarodowy dialog. (PL)

 Ligação global, diálogo internacional. (PT)

Last updated: 23 March 2017