Election Observation Mission in Macedonia

DIPLOCAT Organises An Election Observation Mission to Macedonia

The team consists of eleven observers who are already in the Balkan country to observe the early parliamentary elections next Sunday. 

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat) has been invited by the Electoral Commission of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to observe the early parliamentary elections that will take place next Sunday, 11 December.

The team includes 11 observers who are trained in international electoral observation, who are currently following the final days of the election campaign and the preparations for the vote in the regions of Skopje, Northeast, Southwest, and Pegalonia.  On Sunday they will observe the actual vote, the vote count, the compiling of the results, and the final announcement of the results.

For Albert Royo, the Secretary General of Diplocat, If Catalonia wants to be considered a committed, serious, and responsible international actor we must be willing and able to contribute to the tasks that help advance democracy and the defense of fundamental rights such as electoral processes like the one taking place in Macedonia, within the context of political instability.

The Catalan observers have met with different actors involved in the election process, as well as government authorities, political parties, candidates, representatives of civil society, and media.  Diplocat’s observers are subject to a code of conduct which obliges them to remain neutral and impartial and not to interfere in the electoral process.  The election observation mission will publish a report evaluating the vote with recommendations shortly after the vote itself.

Diplocat has organized training courses in election observation in Catalonia, and has already sent other observation teams  to countries such as Costa Rica, Uruguay, Armenia and Morocco.




Last updated: 12 December 2016