Election Observation Missions in Macedonia

Diplocat election observation mission in Macedonia

Post-Election Press Release

At the invitation of the State Election Commission, the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat) has deployed a limited international observation mission to the 2016 Macedonian Parliamentary Elections. The DEOM is composed of eleven electoral experts including the chief observer and five observer teams who are deployed countrywide during eleven days. The mission has already met a wide range of Macedonian citizens as well as stakeholders in the electoral process such as representatives of electoral bodies, political parties, observer groups, civil society organisations, academics and journalists. 

On Election Day, our observers visited 55 polling stations and 6 electoral districts. They reported that electoral procedures in the venues they observed were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere. However, the mission notes with concern that electoral malpractices were reported to our observer teams before and during Election Day. Diplocat will release in the coming days an election statement which will summarise the key findings of our observers and explore some of the challenges to democratic governance in the country.

 Мисија за Набљудување на Изборите (in Macedonian)

 Diplocat misioni për vëzhgimin e zgjedhjeve (in Albanian)

 Diplocat Election Observation Mission (DEOM) to The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Election Statement (in English)

 Мисија за Набљудување на Изборите на Диплокат (ДЕОМ) во поранешна Југословенска Република Македонија Изјава за изборите (in Macedonian)

 Diplocat Misioni për Vëzhgim të Zgjedhjeve (DEOM) në Ish Republikën Jugosllave të Maqedonisë (in Albanian)

Last updated: 19 January 2017