Constitutional Referendum in Egypt
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Electoral Observation Training

Catalonia has significant human capital in the field of promoting democracy, human rights and conflict resolution. By training experts in international electoral observation, the Council aims to provide added value to governmental foreign affairs activities, promoting democracy at international level.

The purpose of the courses is to train a pool of election observation experts qualified to participate in election observation missions deployed by DIPLOCAT, in partnership with other international organisations or in cooperation with specialised institutions.

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia organised a training course for international election observers from 13 – 17 October 2014, in cooperation with ECES (European Centre for Electoral Support) and the Barcelona International Peace Resource Center of the Barcelona City Council.

In partnership with:
Barcelona City Council

Barcelona City Council supports the electoral observation and instant assistance training activities carried out by the Public Diplomacy Council, following the guidelines of their Plan for Cooperation, Development, Solidarity and Peace (2013-2016).

Last updated: 29 August 2016