Catalonia and the world

Catalonia and the world

Historically, Catalonia has always been aware of its international role, thanks to its geographical position, as a gateway to Europe and point of connection with the Mediterranean. Catalonia is a country of communication, exchange and entrepreneurship, a welcoming country with a long tradition of openness to the outside world.

Barcelona, with a hundred accredited foreign consulates, including the offices of Québec and Flanders, is the third city in the world that is not capital of a State, with the highest number of foreign consulates, after New York and Hong Kong.

After three decades of self-government the Government of Catalonia is implementing an ambitious foreign policy to strengthen bilateral relations with state and sub-state governments and consolidate its presence in multilateral organisations. The Secretariat for Foreign and European Union Affairs is responsible for coordinating and promoting the Government of Catalonia’s foreign policy.

Since 1989 the Government of Catalonia has been promoting its presence abroad, through a solid network of delegations and offices, to promote the country’s interests, raise the international profile of Catalan businesses, disseminate the Catalan language and culture, promote tourism, manage immigration, and foster cooperation for development.

Source: Ministry of Transparency and Foreign and Institutional Relations and Affairs

Last updated: 2 August 2017